Diagnostics and treatment of aptrosis of a heartbeat

A bend cycle is a remarkable flexion-flexion mechanism that has made us sick. In the meantime, it happens to be a great thing for the disabled and too obese people who have lost the ability to move. Count how many times during the day it makes movements, and go to the conclusion that the bend is the most mobile part of the ODS. It is not surprising that illnesses often choose him as their target.One of these is gonaprosis or apthrosis of a cyclic cycle.

Knee arthrosis

How to identify and treat aptrosis of a cyclic cycle

Aptosis of the knee cycle is a gradual disintegration of the hyaline cartilage - the thin plate surrounding the knee.

What is the reason for this?

Gonaptrosis as a consequence of injury

Due to the complexity of the construction, any inert motion associated with an unstable rotation of the knee, tied with a greater physical tension and tensionSuch an injury often accompanies light airplanes and football players.

  • Having lost the previous motion for some time, cycling loses its capacity.
  • if ye ne bopotcya c voznikayuschimi kontpaktypami (opacnym ykopocheniem paptikylyapnyh cvyazok and muscles), ne ppovodya ppavilnogo peabilitatsionnogo lecheniya c pepvyh dney tpavmy, verily koleno pepectaet cgibatcya and pazgibatcya c polnoy amplitydoy and nem voznikayut povyshennoe tpenie and nappyazhenie.
  • All of this leads to the wear and tear of the cartilage and the initial symptoms of aptrosis.

Trauma is not the only reason for patology.

Internal ethiology of aptpose

Colline cycling aptosis arises from the general background of the deficiency of two important components in the organization:

  • Handpitincylphate, produced by a cartilaginous and necessary for its maintenance and lubrication
  • Collagena - fibrillary protein, giving strong elasticity and strength
  • Pain and crunchiness in cycling during movement, and sometimes even in motion (symptom of lack of synovial fluid)Do not be afraid of the smallest crunch: In young people, this is observed due to weakness of the ligaments or the mobility of cycling
  • Thickening of the bone under the hyaline layer
  • Defining the fabrics surrounding the sick bee

These symptoms determine the different stages of the disease, about which the symptoms will go below. Let's go back to the reasons.

The reasons here, in addition to the effects of injuries, are hidden inside.

Reasons for the beat cycle

Because of what y some people create an early deficiency of cartilage tissue, it’s hard to say.

It is generally believed that the blame is on the added exchange of substances, in which the metabolism of amino acids and important microelements is lost or the honey is needed.

Here are the following reasons:

  1. Certain diseases of the immune system(for example, peumatoid aptpitis)
  2. The way you feel about yourself:Sport and movement, full-fledged, containing a full spectrum of vitamins, amino acids and minerals nutrition are often moved by people to go, just far away (here)
  3. Even from birth, a tweaked natural balance- so called inherited reasons. It is quite easy to make sure of the genetic preset position: see what your grandfathers and grandmothers are and ask them what their ailments are
  4. Outdated hormonal balance:Especially such violations hit on female organism during the period of estrogen deficiency - an important hormone, necessary for octeosynthesis. Not in vain is a large part of the victims of apthrosis - women of perfect maturity, when you still can't get started, but you already have wisdom, that is, the cost is "over 50"
  5. Medical conditions:Often aptposes are combined with venous insufficiency, venous thrombosis and other diseases
  6. Psychic state:If you think that the stresses only oppose the mood, you are wrong - the stresses are able to inhibit metabolism until the state of anabiosis
  7. The factor of the aptose is too large

What are the same symptoms that make you suspicious of this unfortunate pathology?

Symptoms of suppression by stages

Symptoms of arthrosis

First Stage

At the first stage, the following symptoms occur:

  • Slightly painful after a long walk, climbing the ladder, etc. download
  • Quietness after the state of rest
  • There is no deflection in the knee, but it may be slightly puffy due to the accumulating liquid: this phenomenon is called blue
  • The liquid can be collected even in the back part - a subtle hollow, forming a sour, which is often taken by the firedy
  • The cyst is usually easy to digest after treatment with injections of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or glucocorticosteroids
  • Second stage

    At the second stage, the following things are noted:

    • Increased pain after exercise and movement and the appearance of a characteristic mushroom crust
    • Improving your fitness
    • Movement up to a thrust or even up to 90 degrees is supported by a painful symptom, which is so strong that it can make it impossible to complete it
    • Because of the beginning of the deformations bones grow thick and thick - this can be determined by feeling
    • Sinovite can kill ycy

    Stage Three

    At the third stage, which is already defined as the late deformed depot of a bicycle cycle, the symptoms appear:

    • Permanent pain, not passing even at night: Colenoe whines and curls, especially in cold damp weather
    • Slow decrease in motion amplitude: not more than 90 grades, or less
    • Walk change:
      • the sick man starts to grump, walks slowly on his hot legs, steaming
      • walking on the steps is especially hard
    • Visible strong deformation with a mixture of cycling - because of this, the legs take the form of the letter "X" or "O" (such ideas have the effect of valgus.
    • At this stage, it is bad, as a rule, already completely destroyed, and in the bundles occification (ossification) is taking place
    • Subsequently, the surface of the cycling turns into calcium deposits, because of which the wheel acquires a violent, irregular appearance
    • Due to strong deformations and lack of blue fluid, the movement in the knee is extremely painful
    • Gradually builds almost full knee motionlessness - late deforming knee cycle deprivation

    Treatment of gonaprosis

    The treatment of this disease is complex and long, effective only in the first stages. In recent years, conservative treatment only plays a lightening state of the patient's condition.

    An important preliminary step is diagnostics.

    Diagnose and determine if the cause of the pain is injury or abnormalities, it is best if you use a pentogen or MPT on the cycler.

    Aptpoz is diagnosed, if it is noted:

    • dysfunction or lack of cartilage
    • small gap between cyct and capcylo.

    Conceptive treatment

    If necessary, an important treatment condition:

    • Compliance with the mode of rest and light loading
    • Taking pain relievers (in case of severe pain - in the form of intracyclic injections)
    • In the third-fourth stages of aptrose, injections of cycling liquid are also used
    • The following types of physiotherapy are effective during gonapotosis:
      • UVT (free-wave therapy)
      • electrical optimization
      • needle therapy
      • magnetotherapy
      • radio frequency therapy, etc.
    Restorative treatment

    Reconstructive treatment

    To avoid contractility and even greater immobility, charge for the knees to start doing a cool job after the late nights have calmed down - for

    There is also a long-term cyclic process of replacing the natural components of the cartilage - the preparation-hoses.

    Note: In the third stage, it is impossible to cure the pulmonary cycling aptrosis with the help of chondroprotectors.

    Do not follow unreasonable advertisements and do not waste money on expensive, useless medicines.

    Hypyrgic treatment

    Effective treatment of post-morbidity only surgical - replacement of the lost function of cycling by endopothesis.

    But remember:

    • as old as he is, the proposal goes slowly
    • after the operation there may be pain during the year
    • long-term treatment with mechanical therapy and complex exercise therapy is necessary

    If a patient refuses from a surgical operation, then a conservative maintenance treatment is prescribed, the purpose of which is to fight the fight