Experience of use Flekosteel

Nicholas from Paris shares his experience of using Flekosteel

Experience using Frekosteel Nicholas from Paris

I loved running since childhood - all sorts of tournaments, competitions, I ran a marathon several times, but with age, this hobby made itself felt. I continued to run every day, exposed my joints to heavy loads. Therefore, I suffered from joint pains for several years, I thought I could no longer run! During this time, of course, I tried a bunch of different means, but none of them gave the desired result. And recently, some friends who were treating a 10-year-old daughter after a fracture advised Flekosteel gel against pain in the joints and back. At first I didn't want to do anything about it, but they had real experience of using it, and they insisted, so I still bought this gel.

Where to buy the product?

My friends who advised me Flekosteel somehow got the package through other friends, but I just found the official Flekosteel website on the Internet and ordered from there. You can probably buy it somewhere else, but definitely no fake will come from the official website.

This gel, by the way, is not counted among medications, so, thank God, there was no hassle with getting a prescription and going to hospitals - they sent it without any questions.

What does the gel treat for?

In fact, from any diseases and side effects and injuries associated with joints and back. These include osteochondrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, scoliosis, and more. I just had painful sensations from overstrain of the joints.

I read the composition for a long time (I think this is an important point), but apart from various oils, herbs and extracts I found nothing. In this regard, it is also a big plus for the manufacturer, since it is immediately obvious that the product is natural, safe, without a heap of chemicals, as is now accepted.

The family, from whom I learned about the gel, bought it to recover from an injury - my daughter fell on the playground and broke her leg. The fracture was difficult, and doctors advised using a powerful preventive measure. Flekosteel, even at the stage of recovery, gave good results - when they came to the hospital for another visit, the doctor was surprised that the amendment went much faster.

Gel Application

Nicholas Flekosteel Gel Experience & Running

I also read how to use this tool on the Internet, although there was an instruction on the package itself.

The main thing that I remember from using all kinds of joint products is that they cannot be rubbed into the skin too much. In the first times, when I did not know it yet, it happened that after rubbing in the skin felt itchy or began to ache even more. That is why it is better to apply the gel to the problem area and let it rest for half an hour until it is absorbed. It is important at the same time to be in one position, not to get up, not to run, otherwise there will be little result.

I was treated in this way for a month and a half - I applied the gel 2-3 times a day, most often in the morning before work and in the late afternoon, when it was time for rest.


Even when I first smeared my joints with gel, after about 15 minutes it became much easier - the strong tension gradually began to disappear, plus, I saw how the skin color began to gradually change, there were slight swelling - and they began to subside. After a couple of weeks, I started running again, and increased the load. All the symptoms are almost completely gone, but I began to treat the situation more deliberately - I don't load my legs too much, I take breaks between runs. Although there is no critical need now, I still bought a few more packs of gel - I will use it from time to time for prevention.