Treatment of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine

Lumbar osteochondrosis affects many patients. This is an unpleasant and very dangerous disease, which can subsequently lead to unpleasant complications. And, by the way, among all the varieties of this disease, this one is found much more often in medical practice, since the lower back has the most loads. At the same time, the spine does not receive a sufficient amount of nutrients, the intervertebral discs lose their elasticity and simply dry out. The back cannot withstand such heavy loads, the fibrous ring protrudes in different directions and breaks.



If a patient complains of acute pain in the lumbar region, this does not mean that he has osteochondrosis of the lumbar or lumbosacral region. But,in order to identify the cause of the disease, the doctor must diagnose the patient. And for this he:

  • probes the affected area, trying to identify the inflammatory processes that the patient is complaining about;
  • evaluates the posture, whether it looks straight or not, how curved it is;
  • can send a patient for additional examination - X-ray;
  • appoints an additional examination using computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.


The most important symptom of lumbar osteochondrosis is unbearable lower back pain. And this symptom occurs either immediately or after a while, after heavy physical exertion. In this case, the nature of the pain can be completely different:

  • aching lower back pain becomes unbearable and can radiate to the leg;
  • whenever a patient tries to do some kind of physical work, the pain begins to intensify, moreover, this symptom can occur when coughing, chewing, as well as any change in body position;
  • as soon as the patient is in the same position for a long time, any attempt to change the position causes pain in the lumbar region;
  • the muscles of the back are constantly tense, as if the patient is constantly carrying some weights;
  • as a result of the slightest hypothermia, the lower back starts to "shoot";
  • nerve endings in the buttocks, knees, feet begin to atrophy, that is, the sensitivity in these places decreases;
  • goosebumps and slight tingling sensations appear in the legs; feet get cold;
  • the arteries of the feet may have spasm and the pulse may be poorly felt;
  • the patient begins to sweat actively;
  • In the affected area, the skin becomes dry and begins to peel off.

Help: it should be remembered that osteochondrosis can turn into an acute stage if, with the primary symptoms, continue to load the back or severely overcool the body.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, treatment

Treatment of osteochondrosis

In our time, there are various schemes for the treatment of the disease. There is drug therapy, acupuncture, there is also gymnastics for osteochondrosis. But, in any case, the doctor prescribes the treatment method.If a patient self-medicates, it can exacerbate the disease and end very badly.

Important: it should be remembered that osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine is a disease from which it is very difficult to recover. You can completely get rid of it only at the first or second stage.

Protocol and Scheme

There are many methods of treating osteochondrosis, but the treatment regimen is the same. It is necessary to reduce the stress on the spine and strengthen the muscles of the back and lumbar spine. It is also necessary to normalize the nutrition of the spine by restoring metabolic processes and blood circulation. And the ultimate victory will be to regain the sensitivity of the lower body.

First aid

  1. When a sudden sharp pain engulfs the lumbar region, it is necessary, first of all, to isolate this area with something warm (woolen scarf, heating pad, etc. ). But at the same time, you need to ensure that the affected area is warm, and not hot.
  2. The body must be placed on something firm and level (bench, board, board, floor).
  3. A roller should be placed under the back, in the lumbar region. But if the lower limbs are tense, the roller should be placed under the knees.
  4. Call a doctor and take some pain relievers before he arrives.

Conservative and operative methods

Methods of treatment of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine are divided into conservative methods of treatment and surgical methods of treatment. What is the difference? Andthe difference lies in the fact that with conservative methods of treatment the doctor uses a complex technique that affects different areas of medicine.

Treatment methods

That is, this technique implies long-term and sometimes unsuccessful treatment. Surgical intervention depends on the neglect of the disease. For example, an operation, as one of the methods of surgical treatment, is an extreme, but it is impossible without it.

Effective Conservative Methods

In the early stages, medication and wellness gymnastics are suitable to suppress pain and normalize metabolism. But, if the disease progresses into more severe phases, the doctor may prescribe physiotherapy, as well as surgery. Moreover, in the latter case, such a method is considered extreme, but quite effective. The most important thing in the treatment of osteochondrosis is not to load the spine and at the same time try to immobilize the inflammatory foci.


  1. The most basic and effective drug for acute pain are pain relievers (analgin, amidopyrine, phenacetin, etc. ). Medicines relieve pain, but do not eliminate the cause.
  2. Also, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs that affect the radicular nerves and eliminate puffiness. Such drugs reduce and eliminate foci of inflammatory processes.
  3. In case of illness of 3-4 degrees, local anesthetics are prescribed (for example, novocaine).
  4. In order to eliminate spastic muscle contraction, the doctor prescribes muscle relaxants.
  5. Chondoprotectors are used to normalize metabolism, as well as restore cartilage tissue. This treatment reduces the risk of cartilage deformation and tissue destruction.
  6. In combination with medicines, the patient is prescribed vitamin B. This group of vitamins improves the body's metabolism, reduces inflammation, is a natural diuretic that allows you to get rid of excess fluid.
  7. Diuretics may also be prescribed.
  8. In order to improve the patient's condition, he is prescribed medications that increase the immunity of the body as a whole.
  9. The picture is complemented by drugs that improve blood circulation in the place where there is a lesion.

Physical Education

Practice shows that physiotherapy exercises help with osteochondrosis. And it doesn't just help, in the Far East it is practiced on a daily basis and, first of all, prescribed to patients. At the moment, there are various methods of gymnastic exercises to combat this disease.And among the ancient techniques they practice yoga, qigong, etc.

What complex of gymnastic exercises to perform is decided by the doctor together with the patient. But it should be remembered that each technique has its own indications and contraindications. For example, severe forms of the disease cannot be treated with physiotherapy exercises. At the decision of the doctor, gymnastic exercises can be combined with medication and physiotherapy.


It so happened that in our country physiotherapy is prescribed mainly after drug treatment has turned out to be invalid. Although a person is constantly affected by some physiological processes.

The principle of physiotherapy is that the body is influenced by simple physical processes (using a current, a magnet, etc. ). But unlike natural phenomena, physiotherapeutic methods help to direct the effects of the methods of influence in the right direction. That is, take, for example, electrotherapy. With the help of current, doctors help to normalize metabolism or to remove spasms.



Massage is prescribed for patients who are recovering. But, in some cases, massage can be prescribed during an exacerbation of the disease. Then only healthy parts of the body are massaged.A session of one lesson usually lasts 15-20 minutes, and the number of sessions takes up to 7 procedures.

But such a technique is dangerous for the layman, so it is best to make an appointment with a professional. At the same time, now it is possible to do massage both with hands and with special devices.

Classes on specialized simulators

Doctors believe that the treatment of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine largely depends on the desire and aspiration of the patient himself. The method of treating a disease is like choosing an instrument through which healing is possible.Exercise machines are one of the tools that help to improve the condition and quickly heal from an illness. But doctors recommend going to the gym when the patient is recovering and the disease begins to recede.

Among such simulators that will help in this matter are:

  • horizontal bar;
  • expander;
  • cardiovascular equipment;
  • gym (in this case, it is best to sign up for special courses, where the patient will have their own personal trainer who will help in choosing exercise equipment).

Joint injections

When the disease worsens, the doctor may prescribe injection treatments. It is an effective remedy in which the spine receives all the nutrients and trace elements artificially. In this case, the injections act on the spine directly, the pain sensations pass much faster.But this method belongs to drug treatment, which means it can have its own side effects. Therefore, injections must be done under the clear guidance of the attending physician.


Swimming is considered an additional treatment. But at the same time, everyone needs to know thatbefore starting to exercise in water, you need to warm up to warm up the muscles. In this case, the water should be at least 27-30 ° C. And after each lesson, you can safely lower the temperature to 23 ° C. Correct breathing is the key to a successful workout. First you need to take a deep breath, and then a short breath. And also you should choose the right exercises and swimming technique.

In order to achieve positive results, you must first swim 30-100 m with a pillow in your hands. Then you need to rest a little, and then hold the pillow in your legs and swim the same amount, working only with your hands. Then rest again and swim 20-30 m breaststroke without holding your breath. After a little rest and you can continue.

First you need to submerge your body in water up to your chest and start walking in place, and then just walk around the pool. Then raise your knees as high as possible, and spread your arms to the sides at the same time. Think about your breaststroke swim. Do the same, only leaning on the side. After that, you need to bend forward, keeping your hands on your belt. Then imagine that you are a hippo and stick out your belly back and forth. Then, holding on to the side, do a few squats.

How much is treated and what will happen if not treated

The duration of treatment for osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine depends on the neglect of the disease. Basically, when the patient first visits the hospital, the doctor prescribes a treatment (course), which lasts a certain time (it all depends on the method). You also need to take into account the fact how the patient behaved during the course. Since this disease is chronic in severe stages of the disease, the symptoms may return and the treatment will have to be repeated.


In order not to feel for yourself what osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine is, the following rules must be observed:

  • if your work is connected with physical activity, then it is necessary not to load your back too much and give it a rest;
  • to start playing sports, in particular to strengthen the back muscles;
  • watch your posture; move more often, evening walks are best;
  • observe proper nutrition (not to be confused with diet, proper nutrition is a complete balance of all vitamins and minerals);
  • follow the correct rest routine;
  • osteochondrosis can be the cause of other back diseases, so pay attention to your health at the time.

Which doctor to contact

When a patient starts to have back pain, the first thing to do is see a local doctor. But, in this case, he only identifies external symptoms and directs further for examination. And the first person to whom he will write a referral -is ​​a neuropathologist or a vertebrologist.

These two doctors deal specifically with the problem of osteochondrosis. But when a patient is in remission, massage therapists, gymnastics coaches, physical therapists, and many others come into play, depending on what type of recovery activities the doctor prescribes.


Osteochondrosis is a rather unpleasant disease. But, as practice shows, the main patients in hospitals are those people who did not monitor their health. Therefore, remember thattimely detection of the disease and its prevention will cost you much less than the advanced stage of the disease.